Israel can be a complex, often confusing market. GDI-Israel was established in order to help investment funds, individual investors and corporations to navigate the country’s intricate business environment and gain access to the ‘start-up nation.’ Whatever it is you want to achieve in Israel, GDI-Israel provides an A-Z service to represent you every step of the way. From a first-time investment to full-time representation, we are the go-to address.


The company is the brainchild of Avi Winter, who has a wealth of experience in strategic investment, business development and innovation analysis. Thanks to Avi’s expertise, multinational corporations and private investors based in USA, UK, China, Hong Kong, France and elsewhere have closed lucrative deals with Israeli companies.   


Avi has worked alongside the most prominent members of Israel’s business community and political leadership, even serving as the right-hand man to the Chief of Staff of Israel’s Prime Minister’s Office. He has nurtured enduring relationships, has a 360 degree perspective on delivering results in Israel and is perfectly placed to identify and deliver the right opportunities for our clients. 


Israel’s thriving innovation ecosystem represents an exceptional investment opportunity. But the country’s unique business landscape requires guidance. GDI-Israel’s expertise, integrity and professional approach makes us the ideal local partner to direct clients and ensure the smoothest possible journey to maximize Israel’s investment potential.